Balance your mind, body and soul.


Hi, I'm Katina Chapman and I run Spiral of Light, offering a wide range of alternative therapies that complement each other. Each therapy is designed to help you empower your life, build confidence and feel stronger and healthier.

With a background in Human Resources, I used many of my alternative skills to perform well in my role. In 2011 I decide to leave my full time job as Head of Human Resources to pursue my passion for alternative therapies. I specialise in Hypnptherapy, Sound Therapy and Crystal Therapy. As part of my Sound Therapy case studies I worked with students with learning difficulties at Otley College. I noticed my dad (aged 92), enjoyed playing the drum with me. It occurred to me that if he enjoyed playing other people his age might also enjoy drumming. I arranged with Stradbroke Court Day Centre (Lowestoft) to run a drum circle - the response was amazing. The day residents loved doing something active. Since then I've been going into various residential homes and day centres in Lowestoft working with the elderly and adults with learning difficulties. The response has been really positive. For example I've noticed one group with dementia, over a period of weeks, recognise me when I walk in and once we start drumming they remember the simple rhythms, they also have become more talkative.

On the crystal side I hold individual sessions and regular workshops which help people identify beliefs that are holding them back, build their confidence and take charge of their life. Adding Hypnotherapy to my repetoire enabled me to help others change their beliefs to really empower their lifes, build confidence and feel stronger and healthier.

I work on the principle that well-being on all levels is caused by the free flow of energy. When energy is blocked, mental and emotional imbalances are created. We hold our emotions in our energy body. If we have sadness, or an anger from the past, that we haven't let go of, we hold it in the energy body. If not released, eventually it will manifest as a physical illness. The healing therapies complement each other perfectly. Crystals and Sound help as a source of transformation in your life, by helping you to explore your personal inner worlds to discover your beliefs, attitudes, and actions, which may be limiting your ability. Your higher self then allows these discoveries to flow through to your sub-conscious and conscious minds allowing you to make the change. Hypnosis helps to release any deep-rooted beliefs that are no longer serving you.

My aim is to offer affordable sessions to help you improve your life, with group sessions starting at £5 per person. Together we can regain balance, make the changes you want and rediscover the joy of life.

Katina | Spiral of Light