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"Aura colours: Dynamic energy, enthusiasm, optimistic, generous and thoughtful."

Balance your mind, body and soul.

Aura Photos

Have you ever wanted to see your own aura?

Do you know what your energy levels say about you?

Do you want to know what energy colours you are showing to your friends, family and colleagues?

Are you falling in love?

Then look for the colour red in your aura; red is the colour of passion. Red is also the colour of anger and fighting.

Will you be rich?

Then look for the colour green. Green represents abundance.

All colours are good

Your energy is an extension of you, and you are beautiful!

Your aura is your own energy.

Scientists use the term biofield to describe the radiant energy that surrounds all living things.

Some psychics can visualize aura frequencies. Their eye or 'inner eye' then perceives these as colours.

Using Aura Imaging technology we can translate your measured frequencies into the corresponding colour on the spectrum, enabling you to see a photograph of your aura.

Your aura is in constant motion. Even the most stable, single colours have subtle changes in volume, saturation, and hue.

After all, life is all about change.

More about Auras

Acupuncturists, reflexologists and massage therapists use meridian points throughout the body to access internal energy flow.

Using the same meridian points the WinAura system maps the points on your hand to correspond with points all over your body.

In 1970 Guy Coggins was fascinated by Kirlian Photography and computer technology. He brought his technical skills, his ability to see auras, and his wish to make alternative consciousness available for everybody together to develop the first aura camera, which uses only very low voltage energy.

The WinAura system can enable you to see your own aura around your head and shoulders, within your energy centres and around your full body.

Photos and Reports

A range of personalised reports and photographs focussing on chakras, full body scan and head and shoulders are available.

Mounted photograph and report from £20 each.

Please contact Katina on 01502 587341 if you would like to arrange an Aura Camera for your event or party.

Katina | Spiral of Light