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Workshops & Events

Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy Sessions
If your life is out of sync, change the way you think.

Appointments available in Lowestoft and Norwich.

Relaxation Soundbath

Relaxation Soundbath - Pakefield
4pm on the second Sunday of each month

    Dates for 2018
  • Sunday 15th July
  • Sunday 12th August
  • Sunday 9th September
  • Sunday 14th October
  • Sunday 11th November
  • Sunday 9th December

Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon Meditation
7:30pm on the day nearest the full moon.

    Dates for 2018
  • Wednesday 27th June(Full Moon on Thursday 28th June)
  • Friday 27th July
  • Monday 27th August (Full Moon on Sunday 26th August)
  • Tuesday 25th September
  • Wednesday 24th October
  • Friday 23rd November
  • Friday 21st December (Full Moon on Saturday 22nd December)

Crystal Energy Workshop

Discover how to balance your energy bodies with crystals
10am Saturday 21st July and 18th August

Katina | Spiral of Light