Drums and other Percussion

"Otley College has been successfully supported by Katina and her business on many occassions. She has hosted sessions for students and staff and they are always fun and engaging. She even represented both Otley College and her business on BBC Radio Suffolk. We cannot recommend her more highly."
John Nice

"Wow, who would have thought we could have created such an amazing array of sounds - I never thought I would be able to do it, but I did!"

From an event at the Women's Health centre

Balance your mind, body and soul.


Have you ever listened to the sounds around you?

Or been moved by a piece of music?

Would you like to have fun with music?

Why Soundscape?

Soundscape is the sounds that make up the audio landscape. Just like poetry, a soundscape is the acoustic plane that captures mood, effect and subtle aspects of sound.

Together we will paint a soundscape of a particular theme or mood, for example the seaside or a jungle, using a variety of percussion.

No experience is necessary, just a willingness to take part. Everyone, regardless of musical background can take part. Instruments provided.

Stimulates creative thinking, team building, communication, leadership and decision making skills.

A fun filled, exciting, interactive, community workshop.

Get ready to have fun!

Great for:

  • team building,
  • communication,
  • confidence,
  • enhancing spiritual abilities,
  • stimulating senses,
  • creative thinking,
  • decision making skills,
  • leadership,and
  • having fun!

How do I book a Soundscape for my group?

Contact Katina by phone on
(01502) 587 341 or by email: Katina@SpiralofLight.org

What to expect

The Soundscape can be tailored according to the areas you and your group want to focus on. The folllowing is an example of a Soundscape Event.

The sessions starts with some rhythm games to help everyone get over initial nerves and start having fun. Everyone will get the chance to play the different instruments available, including gongs, singing bowls, shakers, bells and chimes.

We will then divide into two groups and experiment with building our sonic landscape. This could be according to a pre-agreed theme, or putting a picture or poem to music.

Each group will then play their sounds to the other group.

Feedback and learning experiences can then be discussed.

All instruments are provided.

Katina | Spiral of Light